Part 2B FRCR teaching

Congratulations to:

Dr Bhuvaneshwaran, Chennai - Rohan Williams Gold medal winner 2010 FRCR Final 2B

Dr Gangadevi Rajapandian, Chennai - Gold medal winner 2012 FRCR Part 2A

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1. Details on Chennai FRCR 2B teaching course
                (Co-organised by CRISP + Saveetha University).
2. Coimbatore FRCR Rapid reporting course.
3. Testimonials and Feedback by previous candidates:


India FRCR courses at Chennai (Chennai FRCR 2B teaching course since 2006):

  • A unique teaching program for 2 days, to help the candidates going to the final part 2B exam in London / Singapore.
  • Taught by examiners - who are trained in India previously, did Specialist Training in UK, working or has been working as Consultants / Clinical Directors / Lead Clinical Radiologists/ Royal College Tutors in teaching Hospitals across UK; In addition they are examiners in FRCR teaching courses in UK as well; they teach their local residents every week on regular basis.
  • Most examiners at this course have the unique experience of having got MD/DNB/DMRD/DMRE from India, in addition to FRCR and CCST specialist training from UK - they understand the strength and weakness of our candidates and able to tailor the teaching accordingly; this particular aspect is well appreciated by every candidate in the feed back and help our candidates to prepare better; little doubts/ questions / approach can be cleared during the individual feed back and interaction.
  • All aspects of the exam: Viva, Cases writing and Rapid reporting components are tested and discussed with individual feedback - at the Chennai FRCR course. Macmini work stations are available which will be used for long cases and rapid reporting.
  • Most teachers come from UK, specifically to teach and help our candidates about the exam - updating the candidates with recent changes, most recent cases, difficulties and challenges encountered by previous batch etc.
  • Usually conducted during July/August and Feb/March every year.
  • This course has taught 16 previous batches - with good results and feedback from the candidates, including one Rohan Williams Gold medal winner!

India FRCR teaching courses at Coimbatore:

6-7  RR packets will be tested and reviewed with answers following viva cases discussion; an intensive course! The RR and Viva materials are completely different from the Chennai teaching course.
  • This is a focused teaching program, usually for one day, with limited number of candidates (around 6- 8) ; Multiple rapid reporting packets are tested and taught with MacMini stations for each person.
  • Viva teaching consists of discussion of cases, approach to various types of cases and seeing 'common exam packets' - a quick review of many exam cases in short time.


  • Dr TK (April 2015) & Dr DS (Oct 2014) - thanks for this fantastic course; this is the only course, we attended due to time constraints and I am able to pass the exam in the first attempt, along with my friend as well. Please keep doing it for the future generations.

  • Dr HS (Oct 2012)- I very pleased to inform you that I cleared final FRCR exam recently. I had attended Chennai radiology course in Feb 2012, and that is the only course I had attended for this exam. It was really helpful. Thanks a lot.,

  • Dr AM  (passed first attempt April  2012) "Thanks for your efficient coaching and able guidance which enabled me to pass final frcr 2b examination in the first attempt itself .  your coaching was constructive and useful  which helped me to have a  clear idea for passing the exam . Heartfully I am applauding your method of coaching  and my sincere wishes  for the growth of your noble coaching Institution"

  • Dr AP - passed October 2011 - "I had attended your radiology course at Chennai. I am happy to inform u that I've cleared FRCR 2B in first attempt this autumn session; ur course really was very helpful and was of great guidance"

  • Dr VP – passed October 2011: "Sir, I am happy to inform you that I have successfully cleared my FRCR exam in the first attempt. Thank you so much sir… for all the help and guidance. I really value your course… It served as an eye opener to my haphazard way of exam preparation. Above all, you served as a great inspiration in driving me do this... thank u so much"


  • Dr DT – passed during April 2011 “ I am very relieved to have passed all parts in the first attempt and your course was the launching pad for the Final part exam. The exam was tough mainly because of the pressure. One thing which i had learned from your course was to never give up in viva as one good case can pull you up. Thank you so much for all the help”.


  • "I am Dr P  from Mumbai. I attended the FRCR2B course at Chennai in Feb 2009 and have passed the April 2009 FRCR 2B exam. I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for conducting such a fantastic course.I was really lost at the beginning of the year and didn’t know how to go about studying for the exam....however the course helped me in all aspects of the exams especially the vivas. I got two of the cases done in the course for my exam, one for the vivas and the other as a long case...I hit them for a six! Also I am going to write a blog and post on SRT for next session which I shall recommend the Chennai course to all.

  • I have already written a post on the SRT in Feb about how I had benefited for the course.
    Thanks again...I shall always be grateful !”


  • I am Dr …… B I had attended your Chennai course. your course helped me a lot and I gained tremendously from attending it.....


  • Dear sir, I am Dr A M N here; I had training in your course for FRCR; And I could successfully complete in the first attempt through your guidance ; your course was extremely useful.  One of the long case (carcinoid with liver mets) repeated as well in the exam. I hereby thank you for dedicated involvement and guidance. thanks again.

a anbarasu,
17 Feb 2013, 01:06