Exam preparation MD DMRD DNB

How to prepare for the exam?

The best advice usually comes from your seniors (every one of them, don't be happy with just asking one person) who has recently took the exam.

Preparation involves:

1. knowledge of the subject
2. technique or approach
3. Knowledge of the exam itself

1. knowledge of the subject:
This comes from your hard work of reading books, seeing more cases, getting taught by the teachers, seniors, attending various courses and conferences.

Knowledge to pass is one aspect and knowledge to go out and practice is another aspect - both need to be acquired during the 2-3 years of training.

2. Technique or approach:

This consists of various skills you need to tackle each component of the exams

a. Spotters: the success in this component is entirely based on your knowledge seeing more and more 'aunt minnie' type of cases; the variations of usual aunt minnie cases are also important: eg: multiple enchondromatosis can look bizarre in some cases with associated dysplastic and remodelling defect like appearances.

b. Cases writing: timing is very important; not to get bogged down by a difficult case, resulting in below par performance in an easy case due to lack of time. Unknown diagnoses can be handled by giving approrpriate differential diagnosis

c. Viva: Viva cases needs a presentation - which has 4 simple components - introduce the film, describe the abnormality, Summarise the pathological process and give a diagnosis or differential diagnosis, further management if appropriate.

d. OSCE - some universities are introducing OSCE (Objective structured Clinical Examination) components or in the process - don't be alarmed and in fact, these are more easier components and more objective assessment is done - talk to your teachers, few of them may be involved in designing the OSCE for university.

3. Knowledge of the Exam itself:

Every Univerisity / National board exams are slightly different and you need to understand that; again the exams can vary slightly depending on the examiners as well. Diploma exams are different to MD exams.

It is important that you need to look for information about the exams and be updated with latest information from the University.